About Us!

Back in 1978, we were a young married couple with two young children and a mortgage. Bill had been laid off from Moloney Electric due to lack of work. There was an opening for a collar maker at the Harness Shop and Bill took a chance and found he was a fit. He learned the trade of collar making from the master Jack McKenzie. During the eighteen years he worked as an employee he became an excellent collar maker while also learning the art of hand crafting leather horse harness.

Bill had become an integral part of this unique business and had a strong desire to keep it going. When the opportunity arose to purchase it in 1995, we were excited to take the challenge. This has brought us many new experiences and we continue to learn new things as we grow. While we learned first hand the joys and struggles of running our own business, we contribute our success over the years to--faith, family, friends, hard work, determination and, of course, the support of our community.

Fun And Interesting Facts

  • Our shop has been featured in numerous newspapers. Including, The Sackville Tribune, The Moncton Times and Transcript, The Toronto Star, The Sunday Herald and others.
  • In 1982 Liliane Welch published a book titled, “From The songs of The Artisans”, in which she penned a poem about Bill entitled “The Harness Maker”.
  • Featured on an American television show “What’s My Line”,
  • MITV’s “On The Road Again” with Wayne Rostad.
  • BBC did a documentary and filmed the shop from the back window.
  • Featured on the cover for the Tourism New Brunswick book.
  • The building was given the distinction of being a Historic Building on June 25, 2003
  • Business profile showcasing Sackville in the Platinum Guide for New Brunswick and PEI.
  • In 2011, the shop was featured in CTV’s "In Our Back Yard" with Maria Panopalis.